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Fundraising for a Better World

Fundraising For a Better World has become a desirable project for charitable organizations in the 21st century.  Each unique program listed below may be applicable for your school or non-profit.  There is no cost to you for this service, as it is part of the Pass It Forward Movement, which is comprised of all volunteers.
With very little effort and minimum expense, your school or organization will be able to implement the program of choice, as a fundraising project. 

The 41 programs below are We, The World Pass It Forward FundRaising Programs.  For more information about We, The World, please go to www.wetheworld.org 
Just Click One Of Logos Below:


               Affordable Senior Communities 
           ASC, And You Shall Receive
    Audiences Unlimited 
           Going to a TV taping is a great way to raise funds 
Cash For Gold 
      Pay your donors and your nonprofit on the spot
             Celebrities Pass Their LOVE Forward 

           One-Of-A-Kind Original Celebrity Drawings For Charity 

               Click & Pass It Forward 
            A click of the mouse will raise to help make the world a better place 
            Community Center Fundraising 
              A free location for nonprofits to hold fundraising events

             DON'T DRINK & DRIVE 
              Passing forward free rides to nerighbors helps fund charitable organizations
              Creative Fundraising Events

              Ending Global Poverty Stock Exchange  
           The world's most affluent pass it forward to the world's least affluent

          Exchange Fundraising & Pass It Forward  
           100% risk free way of donating money to your charitable organization


--       Fun Raising Awareness  
          An All Year-Around Pass it Forward Fundraiser


            Give Stuff & Pass It Forward
          Giving items away to people who really need them

               Global Leaders
          Earn A Good Salary From Your Charitable Program and Pass It Forward

GLOBAL Travel 
With We, The World, You Are Going Places to Pass It Forward!

         Image Kindness Telethon   
          Web Based Telethon Focusing on "Acts of Kindness"

           Love My Charity
           Raise Funds For The Nonprofit of Choice

          Its All Who You Know
          People Helping People With Their Careers and Pass It Forward

One Mind 
A Game T
hat Features Your Nonprofit Organization Passing It Forward
               Pass Forward Acts of Kindness  
          Fundraising Through Acts of Kindness

             Pass It Forward Auction

           Fundraising Auction For Your PIF Program, School or Nonprofit
                 Pass It Forward Real Estate
          Referral Program to raise money for nonprofits

          Pass It Forward Student Mentors
           Our goal is for every person to be a mentor and to have a mentor  
            Pass It Forward Vehicle Donation
            Place a simple Pass It Forward Link on your website 

               POP N GO & PASS IT FORWARD
            Kids Eat healthy & your school raises money

                Program Incubator 
           Your Creative Mind Can Change The World to Pass it Forward
               Reverse Mortgage & PIF  
           Sensible solution for those over 62 years old that own their own home
              Scan It & Pass It Forward
            Pass It Forward tag is scanned and a donation is received

     Shopping With Love 
Every Purchase Helps People And The Planet Pass It Forward

    Socially Conscious Cinema
Films To Help Inform, Inspire And Involve so we can Pass It Forward

     Star Memorabilia
Collectables Celebrities Pass Forward

            Vacation 4 Charity 
           Vacation homes donated to help raise money for charity 

   W   Website Fundraising
           Corporations Support The Pass It Forward Movement

WTW Global Speakers
World Leaders And Celebrities Speak about Passing It Forward.
           WTW PIF Mentor 
         Raise Money Online By Mentoring Others
The Pass It Forward Movement (PIF) stands by their promise that this movement must appeal to 100% of people. If there is anything on this website that is objectionable, please contact aunitedworld@gmail.com as soon as possible and we will rectify this matter immediately.  Your comments and suggestions make this all possible, and we thank the hundreds of thousands of organizations that are involved.

If PIF does not hear from you, we will assume that you are behind this movement 100% and we encourage all of you to PIF and treat this website as if it were your own.  We must ask, however that if you are going to use the phrase “Pass It Forward” yourself, the content must be approved by PIF in writing. Please submit all submittals to aunitedworld@gmail.com.