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Burton Danet
Oct 30, 2010

Love It Forward: Coordinating Global Relief

Welcome to the website provided to help you coordinate participation with the FOREVER Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief (FCGHR). To get ready here's the Facebook page to like! http://bit.ly/FOREVERcghr

CAMPAIGN HOME: http://ghrd.abc4all.net/
YouTube: http://youtube.com/abc4allteam
KICKOFF (in development): http://trunity.net/kickoff/

We appreciate the collaboration with LOVE / PIF:

The best way to begin is to go to www.pifmentor.org and enter the chat room.  In just 30 minutes your mentor will help you L.O.V.E.

Learn your purpose
Organize your passion
Volunteer your gift
Engage your heart
After you complete your 30 minute online chat you will then be able to do the same thing for others so that you can then pass it forward too.  Your PIF Mentor cannot fully help you until he/sheI knows your purpose, passion and gift (everyone has a gift!).  For a better understanding for what a PIF Mentor is go to www.aunitedworld.org/mentor.asp.    
If you would like to set up a specific day and time to meet online, please write to aunitedworld@gmail.com.

Beyond the above, we are assembling the videos and documentation for participation in the 24-hour KICKOFF of the FOREVER Campaign for Global Humanitarian Relief (FCGHR).  You will be able to use this site as a way to bring to our attention your ways to participate.

In particular, we will appreciate YOUR ideas for ways to FUNdraise locally in your community / country!

Working together to bring REAL RELIEF to the World,

Burton Danet, Ph.D./Robert Chew
Co-Founders, ABC4All Portal4Relief

WAYS TO PARTIPATE WITH ABC4All:  ABC4All Participation Guidelines